Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the products manufactured by Rajendra Enterprises?
  • We have become a leading Manufacturer, Bakery oven, Industrial bakery oven, diesel oven, Supplier and Trader of Rotary Rack Oven, Mini Oven, Single Trolley Rotary Rack Oven, Cookie Drop Machine, 6 Speed Planetary Mixer, Slicer, 6 Speed Spiral Mixer and so on.
  • What is fan-assisted oven?
  • Fan-assisted ovens are generally more powerful than conventional ovens and can reduce cooking times. It is a good idea to turn the temperature down slightly (by around 10 per cent) according to your oven manufacturer's instructions. As suggested, an oven thermometer is your friend!
  • How can I ensure my oven is at the right temperature?
  • An oven thermometer is a handy accessory when it comes to baking as ovens vary from kitchen to kitchen. This will enable you to test whether your oven temperature is correct for the recipe. If any of our home bakers are having problems with a recipe, this is one of the first checks to make.
  • Can I use a Diesel oven?
  • Yes, any type of oven is fine to use so long as you check the temperature is correct for the recipe. An oven thermometer will help you to do this.
  • What is Spiral Mixer?
  • The spiral mixer is an industrial equipment conceived to prepare food, chemical, ceramic dough or other sort of product, replacing manual labour through a mechanical system that allows to produce, continuously, large quantities of dough.
  • Why should we choose your company versus the other options?
  • We have long experience in manufacturing bakery products. we follow all the Indian and International safety regulation standards. We built all our products by using high quality materials.
  • Where are you located?
  • : Rajindra ovens headquarters is located in the Mansa Distt, and 55 Km from the City of lakes Bathinda. Visit our Contact Us page for more details.

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