Planetary MIXER


This type of planetary mixer features a fixed, non-rotating bowl. The bowl is latched onto the base of the planetary mixermachine and can be raised into the mixing position. Machine size is determined by the available mixing bowl volume, usually measured in quarts. We Have generally Planetary Mixer comes in 40, 80 and 140 liters. Many of these machines also come with variable speed options to accommodate different mixing needs.
Uses: In almost every pastry shop or bakery you will find at least one "planetary mixer". The reason these mixers are so common is that they offer greater versatility. Often, bakers and pastry chefs will use the planetary mixer for blending or creaming products. This includes pie crust dough, scones, cookie dough or cake filling.



• Available in 40, 80 and 140 liters.

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Model Capacity Motor
RP-40 30 Lts 3 HP
RP-80 80 Lts 5 HP
RP-140 140 Lts 7.5 HP

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